Joseph DeAngelo’s Attorneys Argue Unsealed Warrants Could Taint Trial

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SACRAMENTO — Suspected East Area Rapist and Golden State Killer Joseph DeAngelo appeared focused and alert as he faced a judge in Sacramento.

The daughter of murder victim Lyman Smith was watching closely from the courtroom.

"He stood incredibly still. He didn’t fidget with his fingers, he didnt fidget at all," said Jennifer Carole. "So it was interesting to me. It was satisfying to watch those handcuffs around his wrist."

The hour-long hearing focused on whether to unseal arrest and search warrants following requests from media outlets.

"I think the press, the public and the victims deserve an open proceeding and to have a better understanding of how this case came to be charged," said Duffy Carolan, an attorney representing news outlets.

Carolan says the documents contain valuable information about the investigation into DeAngelo.

"They contain the guts of a criminal investigation at that stage and are usually very detailed," Carolan said.

Defense attorney David Lynch wants the documents redacted.

"There have been over 800 print articles in the month since Mr. DeAngelo's arrest," he said in court.

He expressed concerns that "intense publicity" could taint possible jurors and witnesses.

"With the intense amount of publicity that's going on in this case, if you release amounts of confidential information that is a recipe for an unfair trial," Lynch said.

The judge is now reviewing the arguments before making a decision.

Carole said she and other survivors who came to court on Tuesday will be back.

"So we had a 10-person squad today. It's just gonna get more and more fierce," Carole said.

Jail records show another hearing is planned for DeAngelo Friday at 1:30 p.m. The judge may make a ruling on whether or not to release those documents and what information to redact from them. There are dozens of pages to go through.

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