Center for Sacramento History is Digitizing Antique Mugshots, Records

SACRAMENTO -- Kim Hayden spends her days deep in the archives at the Center for Sacramento History, buried in records of the past.

Among her favorite items are antique mugshots and arrest reports from the Sacramento Police Department and Sheriff's Department -- dating all the way back to the 1860's.

"The descriptions of the crimes," she said. "They write everything out, and they describe the people, and I just find that really interesting."

These records document the people who lived before long ago and the crimes they committed.

Some of these charges no longer exist in modern society.

"I noticed it had a lot of German or Japanese people arrested for being out after curfew, or being an enemy alien," Hayden said.

But the old records are wearing away with time, so the Center for Sacramento History has decided to digitize them.

Anyone can look through the files uploaded to at no charge.

Hayden believes it's important to see that, when it comes to crimes, society hasn't changed much in the past 150 years.

"The way I see it, it's not that different. Like, yes, people aren't robbing stagecoaches anymore and you can't get arrested for abortion anymore, but people are still committing the same crimes like murder, assault, rape," Hayden told FOX40.

The records give people a greater understanding of what life was like in the early days of Sacramento.

"I think people have an idea that these were the good ol' days. And that things were simpler, more innocent. And they're not," she said. "And we have 125 books to show that."

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