FOX40 Candidate Profiles: Travis Allen

SACRAMENTO -- Within minutes of meeting Republican Assemblyman Travis Allen, it's easy to see there’s no shortage of confidence.

"I'm known as the most conservative assemblyman," he said. "The most conservative legislator in the capitol."

Despite polls and voting trends in California, in the race for governor, Allen says if GOP voter turnout mirrors the 2016 presidential election, the numbers are on his side.

"In 2014, Jerry Brown got 4.3 million votes to become governor. In 2016, Donald Trump just got 4.4 million votes in California. All we gotta do is turn out the Trump voters and Travis Allen will be your next governor of the State of California," Allen said.

The Republican from Huntington Beach has been serving in the legislature since 2012 and is a leading figure in the effort to repeal Governor Brown’s controversial gas tax.

"He was elected with a simple campaign promise -- no new taxes without voter approval, but that’s exactly what we just got. A $52 billion tax that none of us got a chance to vote on in California," he told FOX40.

Allen says his reason for running is personal. He believes liberal policies passed at the capitol have forced his parents and friends to pack up and move out of state.

"California's cost of living has skyrocketed in recent years. This has caused us now to have the nation’s highest homeless rate. Jobs, companies are leaving our state, violent crime is increasing all because of the high taxes and soft on crime policies of the California Democrats," Allen said.

That includes the sanctuary state law, which Allen says he’ll reverse during his first 100 days if elected.

"This law has put every single Californian in danger. It’s unconstitutional. It is illegal and it is dangerous," Allen said.

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