Man Starts 4,200-Mile Rollerblading Adventure to Help Kids in Need

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EL DORADO HILLS -- It's a pretty simple life out on the open road, seeing the sights.

While Michael Lempko is still getting the hang of where he's going, his goal is clear.

"From San Francisco I started Monday morning on Memorial Day to New York City," Lempko said.

Lempko has the essentials for his journey across the country and, most importantly, rollerblades on his feet.

"One day I got the thought, 'What's the farthest I could possibly go?'" he told FOX40.

Lempko, or "Mike on Blades," is rollerblading 4,200 miles, coast to coast. He expects to finish the trek within the next four months.

"I wake up. I rollerblade. I feed myself. I find somewhere to sleep,"  Lempko said.

On day three he made his way through Sacramento. FOX40 met up with Lempko in El Dorado Hills.

"It is the most fun thing to do out there," Lempko said.

But Lempko is not just doing it for the fun. The New York-native is raising money during his trip for No Kid Hungry. He says he knows not everyone has the opportunities he has and wants to give back.

"I wanted to find a charity that gave more opportunity and helped improve the lives of students in underprivileged education, preferably," he said.

The 26-year-old expects to blade 40 miles a day. He has his route mapped out and will sleep in a tent or stay with anyone who will welcome him in.

So far he's getting a lot of support and if he runs into any trouble along the way, he has a plan for that too.

"I figure if I ever approach any danger or any people who are mean to me I'll just be as goofy and weird as possible," Lempko said. "And then usually they'll be like, 'This dude's a weird goofball.' So, usually, that diffuses any danger I'll get myself in, at least I'm assuming so. We'll see."

If you want to follow along with Lempko's journey or donate to the organization head over to his site.

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