Police Investigate Possible Embezzlement at Oak Ridge High School Booster Club

EL DORADO HILLS -- There is an ongoing investigation at Oak Ridge High School in El Dorado County into possible embezzlement.

Last week, the president of the Music Boosters found several suspicious financial transactions and reported them.

"As soon as they found out about it, they notified the school resource officer who began the initial investigation," said El Dorado County Sheriff's Sgt. Anthony Prencipe. "They then got a hold of our detectives, who did the full-on investigation to get to the bottom of it."

Last Friday, detectives with the El Dorado County Sheriff's Office served a search warrant at the home of a booster club member, looking for clues related to the case.

"They've collected a bunch of documents of financial records, receipts, all the documents that belong to this booster club and to our potential suspect," Prencipe said. "They are going to go through it and see what lines up with what and where the money went."

So far, that booster club member has not been arrested and no one is identifying him or her in connection to the embezzlement investigation. No actual dollar figure has been attached to the investigation.

FOX40 tried reaching out to the booster club president but she did not respond. The El Dorado Union High School District did not have anything to add, other than to say they will continue to cooperate with the sheriff's office during the ongoing investigation.

"With financial crimes it can get deeper, so you have to find all the money and see where it all actually went," Prencipe said.

The sheriff's office did point out that having a second set of eyes on the financial part of any organization, like they did with the booster club, is never a bad idea.