Sacramento Sushi Lovers May Have Tickets to a Fake Fest

SACRAMENTO -- It's being advertised as a sushi lover's dream.

Up to 30 local vendors are listed as offering all things sushi, including live filet demonstrations, door prizes and live entertainment. According to the advertisement on social media, all you need is $20 to get in the door on July 7 at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Sacramento.

By Thursday afternoon, nearly 6,500 people on Facebook said they were interested in going to the Sacramento Sushi Fest. But, they may never get the chance.

FOX40 contacted the Hyatt Regency Sacramento, who said, "Officially, the Hyatt Regency Sacramento would like to state that the Sacramento Sushi Fest is not slated to be held at our location on July 7, 2018. Fanoomies Entertainment has been advised to remove the Hyatt name."

Danielle Hale with the Better Business Bureau looked into the upcoming event as well. She can't say for certain it's all fake but did say many red flags were raised in her research, including how recently the Fanoomies Entertainment and Sacramento Sushi Fest websites popped up.

"Both websites were created within the past couple of months," Hale said. "One was made in February of this year and one was made in April."

Fanoomies Entertainment's website says it's located at an address in Hawaiian Gardens in Southern California. That address does not exist.

As for even being a company, according to the Secretary of State's website that lists legitimate businesses in the state, no records of Fanoomies Entertainment can be found.

If anyone tries to buy tickets to the event from the link provided on the Sacramento Sushi Fest site it says the page is no longer there.