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Woman Speaks Out after Her Husband is Killed by Stanislaus County Deputy

RIVERBANK -- Two days after her husband was shot and killed by a Stanislaus County deputy, a Riverbank woman is searching for answers.

Nancy Osuna says her husband Armando’s death was sparked by trying to pick up furniture.

"He just wanted to find out what time that the furniture would be out there so he could tell the friend with the truck because the friend with the truck wanted to know," Osuna told FOX40.

Osuna, who didn't want her face shown on camera, said they were evicted from their residence on Burneyville Road in late March. She says last week she called the property manager to ask when they could get their things, but the property manager told them he would call the police if they trespassed on the property.

Armando Osuna decided to go Tuesday morning because they thought the furniture would be at the curb. The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office says after the 51-year-old refused to leave the property, the owner called 911.

"Armando was very quiet and really unassuming, and he didn’t carry any kind of weapons, knives, nothing," his wife said.

The sheriff’s office says Armando Osuna struck a deputy with a metal pipe before a deputy shot him in the upper torso. Officials also report he was handcuffed and taken to a hospital, where he later died.

"Why didn’t they tase him?" Nancy Osuna said. "If they want to pull a gun out, shoot him in the foot."

Outside of losing her husband of 26 years, Osuna said what bothers her the most is that she was left in the dark about the whole incident and didn’t find out until hours after the shooting.

"How come you didn’t... nobody tried to get in touch with me? I called them," she said. "They don’t care about someone’s life. They don’t value life."

FOX40 did speak to the property owner off camera and they said the Osunas knew the furniture wouldn’t be outside until late afternoon and they were supposed to call first before showing up at the property.

Three separate and independent investigations are being conducted. The sheriff’s office is handling the criminal and administrative investigation while the district attorney’s office is doing an independent review.