Father Shut out of Daughter’s High School Graduation due to Capacity Issues

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SACRAMENTO -- Parents are furious with a local charter school after they were locked out of their own children's high school graduation.

This happened at the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium during the vision programs ceremony.

Many high school graduations have been held over the past few weeks. But often more tickets are handed out than the auditorium’s capacity which left some of those parents wanting their money back for cap and gowns sold to their students.

On the morning of her high school graduation, Paisley Rahme says there was only one person she wanted to see while walking across the stage. Her father.

Paisley Rahme’s father was locked out of his daughter’s graduation; she had been really looking forward to seeing him in the crowd.

"I was really excited about it, I woke up, I was super pumped,” said Rahme.

Rahme said she struggled in high school but her dad was “always on me about it.”

Rahme had completed the Visions Program. A charter school offering online courses.

On Wednesday, Rahme's father arrived early to the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium, making sure to give her a hug out front before she went inside.

"Graduation was a big thing for him and me and... It didn't happen," said Rahme.

Once she was seated and the ceremony had started, she got a phone call from her dad.

"He was like, they're not letting us in. I just started crying, it didn't feel good at all," Rahme said.

Monica Templeton, who was also locked out if the ceremony said, "they shut the doors before the ceremony actually started."

Monica Templeton is Rahme's boyfriend's mother.

Arriving five minutes late, Templeton was with Rahme’s father out front as he waited for someone to let him inside.

"He had to reschedule his own work schedule in order to be there. And he had to stand outside the whole time," said Templeton.

He was not alone.

"Over a hundred people standing there with balloons and flowers,” Templeton stated.

Eventually someone came out with programs, but Templeton says absolutely no one could give an explanation as to why hundreds of parents, friends and family of grads were being kept outside.

However soon, she figured it out by looking at the program.

Templeton said, "I counted them up and there are over 800 students there. And multiplying that with your six tickets each, that facility is very much not big enough."

Rahme says she was in tears and almost didn't even walk.

Now she's asking the Visions Program to refund her the $30 for her cap and gown; items she only bought for her father to see her graduate in.

An accomplishment she says is now ruined.

"Because you only graduate from high school once you know?" said Rahme.

"I should have just been able to walk, let him see get my diploma and have like the real deal,” said Rahme.

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