FOX40 Candidate Profiles: John Chiang

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SACRAMENTO -- It’s the final stretch before election day and democrat, John Chiang is taking advantage of every moment.

Traveling to Sacramento late Friday afternoon to meet with city leaders like councilman, Allen Warren as he makes his final push in the race for California governor.

The current state treasurer has an uphill climb — recent polls have him in single digits. But he’s not giving up without a fight.

Chiang says one of the key reason voters should pick him.

“Trust. Who can California voters trust to fight for them?” said Chiang.

Something Chiang says he’s been doing throughout his political career.

“When we had that last financial crisis here in Sacramento things were dark. A lot of state employees were being challenged, governor Schwarzenegger wanted them to be paid federal minimum wage and I stood up to them. When we had a phony budget. I didn’t pay the legislators,” said Chiang.

And it’s that accountability Chiang says is needed to keep California moving forward.

“I am the only one with a record of fiscal responsibility. I’m not like some of the other mayors that left their cities in millions of dollars in massive deficit,” Chiang said.”

Infrastructure and a massive housing shortage are just a few of the issues the next governor will have to address. Chiang is confident he can fix both.

“I am the only person in this race that’s actually working on building more housing, some of these complexes here in Sacramento I helped finance; very proud to do it as controller and treasurer,” said Chiang.

He’s also proud of another trait

“I’m the no drama candidate,” said Chiang.

And it’s not hard to see he’s a number’s guy.

“My parents came to this country with very little; my dad, three shirts, 2 pairs of pants. English was his fifth language,” explained Chiang.

It’s those figures that inspired him to run for governor— hoping to create the California dream for others.

“I’m a child of that aspiration and I want to make sure I pass that on to my eight god children and all of the children of California. A future that is brighter than was given to me because of the sacrifices of my parents and so many other people,” Chiang stated.

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