Stockton’s Popular Weber Point Fountain Will Be Closed This Summer

STOCKTON -- The water feature at Weber Point, a warm weather staple in Stockton, will be turned off this summer while the city makes repairs.

The question many who visit the water feature have is why the repairs weren't done in the offseason. City officials say one reason is funding, but the other part is that this is just the right time to get the work done.

"Unfortunately, it needs now a complete rebuild of both the pump system and the filtration system," city spokeswoman Connie Cochran said.

The city says they are currently trying to find a firm that can design a new water feature that would meet environmental and health regulations, and not break down -- like it did several times last year.

"It's a one of a kind build and it’s not just a kit that you order," Cochran said. "You have to go out and specifically have someone go out and have someone design specifically for that site."

The city did not have a price for how much the overhaul will cost but said while funding played a small role in why it took until now to start the project, it’s mainly because the life cycle for the equipment has run its course.

"It really is important to everyone, we know that, and it’s important to us. So we will make sure we get it done as quickly as we can but it will definitely be offline for this season," Cochran said.

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