Armed Man Shot, Injured by Deputies in South Sacramento

SOUTH SACRAMENTO – A South Sacramento neighborhood awoke to gunfire early Sunday morning after Sacramento County Sheriff's deputies shot a man who was holding a gun.

Residents describe Dave Street as very quiet but Michelle Starr and many others woke up to gunshots Sunday.

"I heard like a boom, boom, boom, boom and I was like, 'Oh, I know that is gunfire,'" Starr said. "Not even 10 minutes I heard sirens."

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department reports they received an incomplete 911 call shortly after 4 a.m. Deputies say when they arrived they found a man who told them he believed his wife and children were being held against their will at a residence at the end of the street.

When deputies approached the home the department says they found a 38-year-old man standing in the front yard holding a handgun.

"Officers feared for their safety and had a confrontation with that man and the officers discharged their firearms. He was struck one time in the arm by one of the deputies with one of their bullets," said Sgt. Shaun Hampton.

The department said they didn’t believe the caller’s family was in the residence and were still investigating why he called 911.

"Our officers, when they respond to these types of calls, just as they do with any other incomplete 911 call, they don’t know what they are walking into," Hampton told FOX40. "They weren’t provided any details. When they made that approach to that home, they weren’t necessarily sure what they were walking into."

The suspect was taken to and later released from a nearby hospital.

The incident will be reviewed by the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office and the Inspector General.

Law enforcement was led to believe that the incomplete 911 call came from the man they first made contact with. They also believe that man may have been under the influence of drugs.

Hampton does not yet know how the 911 caller and the suspect that was shot are connected.

The deputies involved are both four-year veterans of the sheriff’s department; they will be placed on administrative leave pending the investigation.

For Starr, having the street blocked off for over eight hours was worrisome, especially in a neighborhood she says is very peaceful and family friendly.

"It’s crazy. Unfortunately, this is the day and time of things like this happening," Starr said. "It’s kind of scary when it is close to home and for people who have lived here for 30 years, it’s really sad. It turned out well but it could have turned out worse. It should have never escalated like that, ever."