Matt Barnes Joins Local Politicians in Encouraging Sacramento Residents to Cast Their Votes

OAK PARK -- Local leaders met in Oak Park to encourage people to head to the polls on election day Tuesday.

"We can't ask for change at the State Capitol, at our city halls, at the DA's office, the County Office of Administration, what have you, unless we have proper political engagement," said Assemblyman Kevin McCarty, D-Sacramento.

Standing beside those local politicians, like McCarty and District Attorney candidate Noah Phillips, was Sacramento-native and NBA champion Matt Barnes.

"I feel it's very important to not only utilize my platform and my voice but to actually walk the walk," Barnes said.

Barnes touched on recent controversy in his own hometown.

"I'm from here, so I'm out here encouraging people to come out today, vote," Barnes said. "Like I said, if you want your voice to be heard, you gotta make a difference by voting."

He emphasized that people have more opportunities to vote in Sacramento now than ever before.

"Sacramento is one of five counties leading the way where you can vote every day up until election day for 10 days," McCarty said. "So the election is, of course, tomorrow, so people can come out today to the Oak Park Community Center."

Some voters say the new system makes it easier for them to cast their ballots without waiting in long lines.

"I could have done it tomorrow, but yeah it's different that it's on a Monday now," said local resident and voter Chris Knisley. "So I'm able to just come in on a better time, a better day for me."

But regardless of when you decide to vote, local leaders all have the same message.

"Make sure your voice is heard," Barnes said.

"Talk is talk, but voting is voting," McCarty said.

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