Modesto Family Hoping for Recovery after Toddler Nearly Drowns

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OAKLAND -- Lisa Eckles and her husband Justin have been at Children's Hospital in Oakland since Friday afternoon.

Their 2-year-old son, Hunter, remains unconscious after he nearly drowned. Hunter has started to breathe on his own again, but his brain function isn't syncing. His family is waiting to know if he will have long-term brain damage because his swelling is still high.

His prognosis is poor, Eckles says.

"It’s been a horrifying experience. It’s horrible. I just want to hold my son in my arms and I want to give him a kiss," Eckles said. "We just constantly talk to him. I tell him he has to come back to me, there’s no other options. 'Mommy is here and I’m not letting you go anywhere. So just open your little eyes.'"

Hunter's parents believe he may have slipped on leaves or fell into their pool while the gate was open while they were doing yard work. He was not under water for very long and his parents credit Doctors Medical Center in Modesto for keeping him alive.

A GoFundMe has been established for Hunter's medical expenses.

Eckles says the community outpouring of support has helped tremendously.

"Prayers above all are amazing. I welcome anybody from anywhere to pray and pray hard because we are up against the worst odds," Eckles said. "I feel like there are miracles out there, there could be a miracle for my son if enough of us get together and we truly have our voices heard to God."

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