Suspected Hit-and-Run Driver Hits 3 Cars, Apartment

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SACRAMENTO -- The CHP is investigating a hit-and-run at an apartment complex on Perry Avenue in Sacramento.

A white Cadillac Escalade left a path of destruction and now neighbors are working to figure out what to do next.

Natasha Dodson was in her apartment Sunday night when she heard a crash outside. Dodson didn’t make much of it until the banging sounds continued.

"I heard another crash and then another crash, and then when it hit this wall that's when it was a different sound," Dodson told FOX40.

Around midnight, the Escalade crashed into three cars before eventually coming to a stop at the front door of the first apartment.

According to the CHP traffic report, the driver ran away, getting into a following car.

Everyone FOX40 spoke to said they are just happy no one got hurt. They are actually thanking the three vehicles for absorbing the impact because that Escalade could have gone clean through the apartment.

When Dodson finally came outside, she saw her car was OK but the same can’t be said about her son’s car. Glass and pieces of her son's car's reflector were scattered across the parking lot. Now Dodson has to make some calls.

"File a claim for my son's car and, luckily, my car wasn’t damaged, but it worries me," Dodson said.

Other neighbors believe the car may have been stolen.

"When the police got here they were the ones that turned the car off but the car was still running when we ran out here," said Vanessa Watson.

According to the Sacramento Housing Redevelopment Authority, the family living in the damaged apartment are being relocated to a temporary home while the apartment is being fixed.

If you have any information on the driver of the white Cadillac Escalade get in contact with police.

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