Election Day Preparations in Sacramento County

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SACRAMENTO -- The 2018 elections are certainly one of the more anticipated primaries in sometime.

There are tight races for governor, Sacramento county sheriff, district attorney and so many other battles but the interesting question in all of this is will people actually come out to the polls.

As of Monday, the numbers show there are more than 700,000 registered voters in Sacramento county and about 136,000 ballots have already been turned in so that is an 18 percent turn out.

If you break those numbers down, a huge portion of those are from mail in ballots.

While politicians locally and statewide have stepped up their efforts to encourage voting, the Sacramento Bee reports experts believe only a third of registered voters will take part in making selections.

But, its no surprise why experts are questioning whether or not people show up to the polls, in 2014 it was an historic low for voter turnout in that gubernatorial primary.

This year, it appears the interest is up with a lot of candidates running for governor.

It does appear to be almost a three way race at this point with lieutenant governor Gavin Newsom, former Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaragosa and President Trump endorsed republican John Cox so that’ll certainly draw people to the polls but regardless of what candidate you support at this point some people say you should make you voices heard.

"I think voting is always important. You should always speak you mind and you should always make sure the people are representing your needs. So it doesn’t matter," said voter Fernaeda Fonseca.

Polling centers around the county are getting ready to open in just a few hours.

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