Sacramento Woman Sees Guatemalan Volcano Eruption First-Hand

ANTIGUA, Guatemala -- Chelsea Glass of Sacramento was in Antigua, Guatemala when the Fuego volcano erupted Sunday and is still there helping organize relief efforts.

"First we just had ash falling from the sky," Glass told FOX40.

Glass spoke with FOX40 by video chat from Antigua.

"Clouds of ash, dust and smoke covering the whole area and literally rocks falling from the sky," Glass recalled.

The Sacramento-native splits her time between California and Guatemala with her eco-friendly tour guide business, The Heart of Travel.

She echoes what many others have said about the massive Fuego volcano eruption -- it seemed to come without warning.

"I woke up on Sunday. It was a regular day," Glass said. "And by noon the volcano was erupting. And by 4 p.m. we knew we had a serious emergency on our hands, and we weren't prepared."

Glass said another eruption began just an hour before the Tuesday evening chat.

"So they're evacuating people again and we're in a red flag zone where we are now. So we're on alert that we might need to evacuate but hopefully will not," Glass told FOX40. "It looks like the flow is going the other way and also we're higher up in elevation. So that helps us as well."

She and many of her friends in Guatemala are now busy helping with urgent relief efforts.

"He's just saying that anything that people can do to help, sending money or sending supplies, that we're doing everything we can here on our end to help our Guatemalan brothers and sisters. And so any support is welcome and that we're on the ground doing everything we can," Glass said as she sat next to her friend Joaquin Avich.

They say there is a great need for medical and survival supplies, as well as fuel. Glass has organized a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to help bring relief.

Glass said people are coming together and doing amazing work, even as clouds of ash and threat of toxic rain loom in the air.

"It's one of the most resilient communities and one of the most helpful," Glass said. "The way people here band together and create community, even when their own government isn't supporting them, is truly inspiring and impressive."