Girl Describes Groping Incident at Roseville Water Park

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ROSEVILLE -- Thirteen-year-old Kyleigh makes sure the doors of her home are locked at night.

She's also signed up for self-defense classes. This has been her new normal since she says she was groped by a stranger at the SunSplash water park in Roseville on Memorial Day.

"The first few nights, I was scared. I couldn't sleep in my room alone," she said. "I had my sisters come in and sleep with me."

Police arrested seven adult men for lewd acts against a minor. But they were released from custody after the deputy district attorney said she didn't have enough evidence at that time to file charges. Everyone is ordered back to court on June 27.

Kyleigh says problems began at SunSplash while she and her friend were in the wave pool.

"She got pushed away from me and the guys like surrounded her. She grabbed her breast and said, 'Help me.' I asked her what happened and she said they had touched her," Kyleigh said.

One of the men then put his arm around Kyleigh's waist. She broke free and the girls quickly got out of the pool.

But when they got back and into the wave pool a few hours later, the same group of men were still there.

"One of the guys had surrounded me, and backed up to me, and grabbed my butt," she said.

Shaken and scared, the girls went over to a lifeguard and asked to keep an eye on them.

"As I was on my way over there, one of the guys was grabbing my thigh, kinda pulling me. And so I pushed him off. I told him, 'Get off me, leave me alone,'" she told FOX40.

Another girl there told Kyleigh that she and a friend had also been touched by the same group of men. Kyleigh notified the lifeguard and the police were called in.

Other girls then stepped forward to say they were also victimized.

Police arrested seven men, although Kyleigh says there were up to 30 men in that group.

"Obviously if there were that many guys there, they were there for a specific reason," Kyleigh's father told FOX40. "And they made that known."

Kyleigh's family is adamant that they will continue pressuring the District Attorney's Office until those men are put away, back in jail.

"It's not OK," her father said. "You can't get away with it."

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