‘Far From Over:’ Thousands of Primary Ballots Still Left to Count

SACRAMENTO -- At Sacramento County's Voter Registration and Elections office they are still counting ballots.

So, officially, these races are still "far from over," according to the county's Interim Registrar of Voters Alice Jarboe.

So far voter participation is at about 20 percent. However, Jarboe says that by the time everything is certified that number could go as high as 45 percent.

Back in November 2016, the county saw 74 percent voter turn out. In 2014 it was at 48 percent.

On Thursday alone they counted 30,000 more ballots. That still leaves around 180,000 ballots left to count.

It will take a couple more weeks to get through the process. Until the election results are certified, officially no races are over yet.

Of course, some candidates have declared victory already.