Fire Officials Investigate Cause of 2 Grass Fires in Rio Linda

RIO LINDA -- There were two separate grass fires Thursday in north Rio Linda.

The fact that two wildfires started just 4 miles apart, in about the same area, at about the same time, was enough for the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District to take a closer look.

"At this time we’re looking to see if there's any connection between the two and we have an arson investigator on scene," said Chris Vestal with Metro Fire.

Metro Fire was able to get both fires contained before they damaged any buildings. One fire was contained at 35 acres and the other at 27.

"And I looked up and it started out as a ball. The wind was rolling toward Elverta and it just took off," said Rio Linda resident Holly Vant. "That’s when I just... moved the boat. I was trying to get to the horse trailer to get the horses ready."

She didn’t have to evacuate. But firefighters say because the fire was burning underneath high tension power lines, they weren’t able to use air support as much as they would like. The fire had to be met quickly and with plenty of boots on the ground, especially because of the extra fuel it had to burn.

No one was hurt and no buildings were destroyed in the fires. Firefighters say they hope that’s also predictive of the wildfire season to come.

"This year, because of the way that the weather has moved and the winter rain came, there were actually two vegetative growing cycles. So there’s actually two layers of vegetation," Vestal said.

Firefighters say they expect a very active wildfire season this year.