Rivercats Players Visit Patients at Sutter Children’s Center

SACRAMENTO -- Nina Oppenheimer says this has been the longest year of her life.

Last June she found out her 7-year-old daughter, Dalliya, had a tumor on her brain.

"We sucked it up and we just stood strong for her," Oppenheimer said. "We didn’t want her, we didn’t let nobody cry in front of her. We didn’t want her to seem like it was a horrible thing."

Ask Dalliya herself and anyone can see her diagnosis hasn’t changed who she is one bit.

"I look beautiful the way I am," she said.

On Thursday, some of Sacramento’s home team Rivercats took time away from the diamond for a visit with Dalliya and other kids at Sutter Children’s Center in Sacramento.

"It’s great that we can give back to everybody. It’s awesome that we can make a difference," said Rivercats pitcher Matt Gage.

Gage says he jumped at the chance to make the visit.

"As long as kids are smiling and we made a difference that’s really all that matters," Gage told FOX40.

For kids like Dalliya and their families, just the players’ time and a few hours made a big difference.

"Just smiles all day. She loves it, she loves the attention," Dalliya's mother said.