Two People Killed in Accident on Highway 99 Near Stockton Boulevard

SOUTH SACRAMENTO -- Two people were killed early Thursday morning in an accident on northbound Highway 99 near the Stockton Boulevard exit.

Around 2 a.m. there was an accident between a Toyota and a Honda. The accident resulted in the Toyota rolling over and coming to a rest on its roof in the fast lane.

The 21-year-old driver and 22-year-old passenger in the car least damaged in the crash stopped on the right shoulder and ran across the freeway to help the driver of the Toyota out of the car.

After the two men helped the Toyota driver to the right shoulder, they returned to the vehicle to make sure there were no more people in the vehicle.

At this point, a 31-year-old woman in a 2002 Chevy broadsided the Toyota causing it to propel both men to the southbound lanes of Highway 99.

Both died from their injuries.

The CHP says one of the other drivers involved was hospitalized.

CHP Officer Bradley Ryder did not say whether speed or alcohol was the cause for these crashes but Ryder did have advice for anyone who finds themselves in a car stuck on the highway.

"The first thing that someone involved in a traffic collision should do especially if their vehicle gets disabled in the lanes is immediately contact 911 that way it gets first responders and law enforcement to that area to try to help them as quickly as possible," Ryder said.

The accident is still under investigation.


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