Citrus Heights City Council Members Move to Censure One of Their Own

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CITRUS HEIGHTS – There was drama at the Citrus Heights City Council, after a council member was shunned for allegedly stalking an ex-girlfriend.

Citrus Heights City Council member and former Sacramento County sheriff candidate, Bret Daniels, has now been censured by his fellow council members.

Daniels claims the allegations against him are politically motivated.

By voting to censure Daniels, the city council is sending a message that they don’t condone what he’s been accused of.

Several council members have asked for him to resign, but he says that’s not going to happen.

The special, sometimes awkward, city council meeting was called Thursday night by mayor Steve Miller after learning of several police investigations into Daniels allegedly stalking a former high school girlfriend.

“Once I heard about it I knew we had to be completely transparent with this whole matter. And when it’s an elected body you have to do it in public,” said Miller.

At the meeting, Daniels addressed the allegations; calling them exaggerations, reading a written statement detailing the history between him and his former girlfriend.

He even read some of the emails he sent her.

“I have one important question. Are you a grandmother? Bret. That is the extent of the email that I sent,” stated Daniels after reading the email.

The first police report stems from a confrontation Daniels had with his former girlfriend’s husband in 2008 while he was campaigning near her parents’ home.

“I started up the driveway to hand off a flyer when a male subject confronted me in a very angry manner and told me he would have me arrested if I didn’t leave the property,” explained Daniels.

Daniels admitted to emailing his ex, even after that confrontation. A fact which influenced the city council’s vote.

Mayor Miller says he was made aware of the reports when a public records request was filed by sheriff Scott Jones’ campaign manager.

Daniel was one of three Jones rivals in the race for sheriff, but the latest election results have Daniels in fourth place.

Daniels did not respond to FOX40’s requests for comment.

At the end of the meeting, vice mayor Jeannie Bruins even called on Daniels to resign.

“I’d like to call for council member Daniels resignation from city council,” said Bruins; to which Daniels replied, “that ain’t going to happen.”

Bruins responded with, “I didn’t think it would, but I want to be on record as calling for it.”

Jones’ campaign manager admitted to filing the public records request, telling FOX40 he filed a similar background check on all of Jones’ opponents in the latest race.

The city council will meet in Citrus Heights again next Thursday night.

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