Local Musician has a Message for the Person who Stole His Instruments

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ROSEVILLE – A musician’s guitars and other equipment was stolen out of his car while he and his wife ate dinner. FOX40 spoke with Aaron Leigh, who plays for the bands, Vagabond Brothers and Y&T, about his connection to his instruments.

“When you have an instrument for many years, you know every nook and cranny of it. You know when you bend a note, where it’s gonna go. It just...feels natural. So, when you have something like that taken from you, it’s like one of your kids getting kidnapped or something,” said Leigh.

Leigh played on a new guitar Saturday night. One he just bought because yesterday evening someone smashed out his car window and stole his guitars.

Aaron Leigh and his stolen Bass

“I was leaving with my wife, leaving the garage. And I noticed the stuff in back. I go ‘hold on, let me take it out.’ She goes, ‘you want to take my car?’ I go, ‘nah, we’re good. Let’s just go.’ Wrong,” Leigh said with a laugh.

The thief didn’t just steal Leigh's guitar as he ate at a restaurant near North Sunrise and Sierra Garden in Roseville.

They took other equipment too; like the foot pedals he uses to create his sound. Leigh got a friend to loan him one for Saturday’s show.

“Uh Frank Hannon from Tesla. He’s on tour right now with Joan Jett and Styx and a call was placed to him and he said, ‘take whatever you need.’ Very cool of Frank,” stated Leigh.

Aaron is hoping you’ll take a good look- chances are, whoever stole them will try to pawn them or sell them online.

Aaron Leigh's stolen Guitar

So, keep your eyes open out there, all you Rock-and-Rollers. If you see these instruments, they are stolen.

Aaron Leigh and his stolen Guitar

Let the Roseville Police know. Do it for the music.

Leigh has a message for the person that stole his guitars.

“Hopefully he’ll be able to hear this: instant karma going to get you. Gonna knock you right in the face. Better recognize your brother. Join the human race. Yeah,” Leigh sang.

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