SCUSD Investigates after Anti-Abortion Video Shown in Sex Ed Class

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SACRAMENTO -- The Sacramento City Unified School District is investigating after an anti-abortion video was included in a Sutter Middle School sex education lecture.

"I can't even imagine them showing kids this age something like that," said parent April Larios. "That's something that they should not be seeing."

The video describes abortion at different stages of pregnancy in graphic detail.

"Today I'm going to describe a second-trimester surgical abortion called dilation and evacuation or D&E," the video's narrator, Dr. Anthony Levatino, says.

Mother Roxanne Anderson says her daughter went through sex education in a different science class at Sutter this year. Her daughter didn't see the abortion video but says parents weren't told that would be part of the curriculum.

"They talked about what they would be discussing and that they would be showing a video. But it was more of we're discussing and showing videos about sex ed," Anderson told FOX40.

The videos, posted on the website, go through the steps doctors take to perform abortions, as well as what Levatino calls "the risks and adverse effects" of abortions.

Levatino ends the videos by saying, "I came to realize killing a baby at any stage of pregnancy for any reason is wrong."

The videos are sponsored by the self-proclaimed pro-life group Live Action.

In response, the school district released the following statement:

"The curriculum shared with students was completely inappropriate for the classroom and does not meet the district’s approved family life and human sexuality curriculum. The district is now conducting an investigation into the matter to determine how this happened. This is a personnel matter and will be treated confidentially per the district’s policies, education code and collective bargaining agreements. However, rest assured that the Sacramento City Unified School District expects its teachers to exercise caution and discretion when deciding whether or not a particular issue is suitable for study or discussion in any particular class. Teachers should not spend class time on any topic which they feel is not suitable for the class or related to the established course of study. As a result, the district will address this matter with the seriousness it demands."

"As an adult, it's even hard to watch videos like that or to even discuss anything like that," Larios said.

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