Stockton Apartment Complex Residents Frustrated After Dozens of Cars Were Broken Into

STOCKTON -- Residents at Meridian Pointe apartment complex are frustrated after dozens of cars were broken into overnight.

They say the burglaries happened while a security gate to the complex was broken and left open all night.

"I hope they get the guy that did this because we’re out of money now and it’s going to be a minute before we're able to fix that," Bruce Washington said, after returning from Los Angeles to see his busted window.

And Washington is not alone.

"That time the number was 17, I said, 'No, it’s got to be at least 20.' Then we found out it was 22. Then we found out it was 40 total," one victim, who declined to be identified, told FOX40. "All throughout the complex, on the street, across the street."

Stockton Police say only a handful of reports have been filed, but that could be because some haven't reported their cars yet.

A spokesperson for the apartment complex says the complex's gate was broken after a car crashed into it and a repair crew was scheduled to come fix it on Tuesday.

But residents say management should shoulder more of the responsibility.

"You’re not exempt, you need to cover our damages. I shouldn’t have to pay $400 for a window," one victim said.

Meanwhile, Washington says it'll cost him more to replace his window, about $200, than what the thief or thieves got away with -- just one dollar.