How to Simplify Your Life with “The Cloud”

Many of us have heard of "the cloud" but very few of us know what it is. At 6:45 a.m., Paul is going to chat with the CEO of Bensinger Consulting, Ed Bensinger, about "the cloud" and how to use it.

Mistakes to Avoid in the Cloud:
Using public wifi to access the cloud
Storing passwords, cc# and other confidential info in the cloud
Treating the cloud like it can never disappear

Stay SURE in the Cloud
Secure passwords
Use only one cloud service
Redundant backup
Encrypted data transmission & storage survey: “95% of respondents use cloud services,” including Jennifer Lawrence and Pippa Middleton, both of whom had their personal photos stolen off the cloud by hackers. According to Ed Bensinger, author of IT Solutions for Your Business, "Most people Use the cloud for email, but they don't understand or get the most that they could out of cloud computing on services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive by Microsoft or even iCloud."