Sacramento Police Release Video from In-Custody Death

SACRAMENTO -- The Sacramento Police Department has released video and audio from the in-custody death of Brandon Smith.

Smith was on parole for assault with a deadly weapon when he had his mother drop him off with his parole officers last Wednesday at a Volunteers of American detoxification clinic so he could get some help with housing.

"About an hour later they called her and said, 'He wants his cigarettes. Can you come bring them to him?' She brought him his cigarettes and he was doing just fine," said Tanya Faison, the founder of the Sacramento chapter of Black Lives Matter. "He wasn't acting a certain way. He wasn't acting high."

"We don't know what happened between that point and when he was lying on the ground," said Justin Ward, the attorney representing Smith's family.

Somehow Smith ended up on the ground of the clinic. After that parole agents asked a city police officer to transport Smith, their parolee, to jail.

Smith can be heard saying, "I feel like I'm having a heart attack, oh my God" early in the video as officers pick him up from the floor of the clinic.

"Why wasn't medical attention... why weren't medical services provided right then and there?" Ward said. "It was at a detox center. They have to have medical staff there."

In one of the body camera videos, Smith can be seen falling back into the city patrol wagon.

"I mean, it looks like he pushed him and Brandon goes head first," Ward said.

Smith's family and their attorney are especially suspicious of what they say is him hitting his head because officers tried to explain it away right before they were allowed to see the videos.

"'He fell butt first and then onto his shoulder.' That's what we were told before seeing the video and they spent a decent amount of time on that," Ward said. "And then after the video we saw why, to try to get us to believe something other than what we saw."

Smith was being taken from the detoxification clinic on 5th Street to the Sacramento County Jail when the officer driving noticed a change in Smith's movement and behavior.

Outside the jail gate, officers tried to perform CPR on Smith. Police said Smith was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Click here to see four videos and hear one audio recording on the Sacramento Police Department's YouTube page.

Smith's loved ones believe the video release of his transport only raises more disturbing questions about what happened to the 30-year-old father of three.

His mother didn't want to speak after seeing what happened to her son.

"He wasn't trash, a wallet to be found, stuff taken out and thrown away," said Smith's brother, Brionne Mays. "He deserved to be here. He had the right to be here."

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