Siblings Start ‘Farm Fresh’ Produce Stand

OAKDALE -- Sons Farm Fresh is not your typical side of the road fruit stand or your average summer job.

Eleven-year-old Hudson, 13-year-old Allison and 16-year-old Jackson help deliver direct from the farm local produce with a country chic presentation.

"I believe that here in the Central Valley we have the best food around," said the stand's owner and the family's eldest daughter, Madison Ruvacalba. "It’s all local and fresh and we just wanted to give that to the Oakdale community.

It's not bad for 19-year-old Madison's first business.

"It’s weird because just getting up and going to school I’m like, 'I’m tired.' But doing this I am up every morning just so excited," Madison Ruvacalba said.

Madison Ruvacalba says it started out with an abundance of home hatched eggs. Then they channeled their farm-to-Facebook success into a barn and mortar business.

Some of the produce comes from their family farm and the rest was sourced from neighboring growers.

Their stand along F Street is a main thoroughfare to popular vacation spots. Some recent press had made sure their stand is what many locals are talking about.

With her siblings on vacation for a few days, Madison’s parents are pitching in, though they say that's not the norm.

"We told them from the beginning, 'Your mom and I both have full-time jobs. We don’t want a third job out here,'" said their father, Cesar Ruvacalba. "They have and it's been great. None of them have complained, they’ve all worked together."

With four brothers and sisters as coworkers and the oldest as the boss, anyone with siblings can imagine just how wrong it could go. But there are siblings and then there are the Ruvacalbas.

"Running this together is bringing us closer, is bringing our family closer. It’s pretty amazing," Madison said.

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