Drivers Say Gravel from Highway 50 Project is Damaging Cars

FOLSOM -- A project to repave part of both sides of Highway 50 is expected to wrap up in two months and some drivers say that couldn't happen soon enough.

One by one pictures of damaged windshields have been showing up on Facebook. Drivers blame debris from the repavement project hitting their cars.

The 11-mile stretch of construction goes from Sunrise Boulevard to the El Dorado County line. Since its start Sunday night, dozens have come forward about their issues with the roadwork.

Paige Lieuwen wasn't even driving on Highway 50 when the windshield of her brand new Mercedes cracked. She says debris from the Highway 50 overpass above Folsom Boulevard fell on her car.

"Out of the blue this thing hit the window and it shocked me," Lieuwen said.

Caltrans is aware of the problem and has gotten complaints. Spokesperson Dennis Keaton told FOX40 the contractor is working with inspectors to come up with a solution.

"Deciding if there's additional sweeping that's needed and they'll make that decision whether it's also daytime sweeping that may be needed," Keaton said.

Keaton expects a fix within the next week. He says every project has its own challenges and Caltrans is doing what it can to prevent any more damage.

"With so many people affected they should've taken much more precaution in the beginning to make sure it didn't happen," Lieuwen said.

But drivers can't help but question the situation. Drivers can file a claim on the Caltrans website.