Man ‘Enraged’ Over Closed McDonald’s Smashes Windows, Doors

The man was captured on surveillance cameras. (Credit: Tracy Police Department)

TRACY -- The Tracy Police Department has released a video of a man smashing his fists into the windows and doors of a closed McDonald's.

Surveillance footage from May 27 shows a man trying to get into the McDonald's on South Tracy Boulevard around 1:30 a.m.

When he realized the doors were locked for the night, the police department says he became "enraged."  He can be seen in the video punching the glass over and over again and gesturing angrily at whomever was inside at the time.

The man drove away in a silver Dodge Avenger. (Credit: Tracy Police Department)

Police estimate he caused thousands of dollars worth of damage.

The man drove away in a silver Dodge Avenger and has not been found.