Police: Woman was ‘Bleeding Profusely’ After Dog Mauling

FAIRFIELD -- A dog mauling left a woman with life-threatening injuries after one of her own dogs mauled her Thursday, police said.

Officers responded to a home on Kentucky Street around 8:45 a.m. after a neighbor reported the attack.

"I heard the lady screaming," neighbor Jermik Johnson said. "That's what woke me up this morning."

Police said the woman could be seen across the large yard, "bleeding profusely from both arms" and a large dog was standing over her.

The dog charged at an officer and was fatally shot, according to investigators.

The woman was airlifted to a Bay Area hospital where she is said to be in serious condition.

Investigators say the woman had a "large kennel structure" on her property and had several other large dogs. The dog that attacked her was let out as she was trying to give it water, police said.

She and her husband run some type of dog rescue, a relative said.

"She takes care of the dogs when her husband is not here," relative Manuel Castanos said. "I don't know really what happened but all I know is they're really good people who like dogs. Her husband is one the who gets the dogs and she helps him."

Neighbors say the woman had about two dozen dogs on her property. Neighbors say they've complained about the dogs.

"She has many dogs. They have a big kennel, they built it," neighbor Tisha Escobedo said. "And that was my main concern when they first moved in."