Sales Tax Increase Goes Before Voters in Roseville This November

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ROSEVILLE -- Roseville has grown from a small railroad town to one of the Sacramento region's premier bedroom communities, where families and quality of life are at the forefront.

With the Roseville Auto Mall and the large Westfield Galleria, one would think the city has sales tax revenue to spare -- but that isn't the case.

"Roseville gets just one penny on the dollar of the every 7 and a quarter-cent that people pay," city spokeswoman Megan McPherson said.

Raising the city's sales tax by half a percent to 7.75 percent wasn't entirely the city council's solution. Public input over the last year showed that residents would rather raise taxes than cut police, library and parks budgets.

An increased sales tax, the reasoning goes, would raise $18 million annually. Much of it comes from out-of-town shoppers.

"It's something that doesn't squarely fall on the shoulders of our residents," McPherson said.

Muktar Onolba was one of several Roseville residents who are wary of more taxes at a time when it's tough enough to find housing.

"We don't like the idea of them raising the sales tax, especially when you have kids, it's gonna hurt," Onolba said.

Citrus Heights resident Robin Leineke says a sales tax hike would affect her purchases in Roseville, but she wouldn't necessarily stop visiting.

"That's a tough one because there's not much else in the area," she told FOX40. "So I feel like they kind of have us with that."

The City of Roseville has known for a long time that it's had a budget problem and it has cut costs for years, but it hasn't been enough.

"We've done what we can behind the scenes and people are going to start noticing the services that will need to be cut," McPherson said.

Voters will decide on the tax hike in November. If voters approve the increase, shoppers in Roseville will still pay less in sales tax than residents of Sacramento or Sacramento County.

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