One Tank Trip: Winters

If you love backroads and country lanes, you’ll love the drive to winters.

Once you’re there, if you love good food, then you’ll really love winters, even more.

Surrounded by farms, and all the people out enjoying their bike rides - once you cruise on in town, you better be ready to eat.

There are two famous restaurants, right across the street from each other Putah Creek Café and Buckhorn (the original one).

First we stopped at Putah Creek Café, where the local diners were finishing up their morning meal.

They’re best known for their breakfast and *that one time they were on "Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.

The chefs, who are always busy made us their three most popular meals: the seasonal peach salad, chicken fried steak and biscuit and home fries … and the huevos rancheros.

Right across the street is Buckhorn, they've been serving up family meals for decades.

It’s a restaurant you can find across the state – and all the way to New York but nothing is more special, or as unique as the original one in Winters.

Throughout downtown there are a lot of stores and boutiques you can pop in and out of including One Tank Trip: Winters.

Al’s been had his store front in Winters for some time, and has been watching the town grow in what he calls a revival of tourism.

Next we went down the road to Mariani’s, they’re probably behind  the bag of walnuts, almonds and nuts that you eat.

Inside, we got to taste their newest edition – walnut milk.

Other fun things to do in winters: check out the Berryessa Brewing. They took us inside to show us how they make all their new brews.

Or, grab some fresh fruit from one of the many fruit stands and when it gets too hot – go take a dip in Lake Berryessa.

All in all, winters is a great place to get lost.


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