Pregnant Woman, Child Shot in South Sacramento Neighborhood; Suspect At Large

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SOUTH SACRAMENTO -- Police in Sacramento say a pregnant woman and her 6-year-old son were found shot late Sunday night in a South Sacramento neighborhood.

"We heard like four or five gunshots and then I felt that one of them hit my back," said Julie Munoz, who called FOX40 from her hospital bed. "As soon as I felt that I told my husband, I was like, 'They hit met, they hit me. Turn around and look at the kids.'"

That was around 10 p.m.

Munoz, who is six months pregnant, told FOX40 she was behind the wheel, her husband was at her side and her children were in the back seat as they headed home from a gas station near Broadway and 4th Avenue.

"I noticed there was a car behind me and he was driving really fast behind me, tailgating me," she recalled.

She said it went on for a few blocks.

They were near Hiram W. Johnson High School when she decided to pull over to let the car pass. But Munoz says after the car passed her, it doubled back to start following her.

It was around Marin Avenue in the Colonial Village neighborhood when a car full of people pulled up and someone started shooting.

"Honestly, I don’t even know how I made the car get home, but I got home and I parked and I got off," Munoz said. "And then I can just feel my back like right in the center of my back really hot and I can feel the blood dripping."

But it wasn’t herself she was worried about. The bullets missed Munoz's husband and their 5-year-old daughter but her 6-year-old, Angelo, stood before her bleeding.

"When it happened he didn’t even cry. He was just, like, also in shock," Munoz said.

Luckily, Munoz says the bullet shot clean through Angelo and missed his organs. She was fortunate too. Her unborn son was not hurt, though Julie tells FOX40 there are still bullet fragments near her spine.

She says she, Angelo and her unborn son are expected to fully recover. But she is unsure when they will leave the hospital.

She’s in a lot of pain, but there’s something that’s bothering her more.

"I just couldn’t believe it. How can people be out there not even thinking about kids, that there can be kids in the car?" Munoz said.

Munoz says she didn’t get a look at the people inside the car and doesn’t feel her family was targeted. She said it seems like an extreme case of road rage.

"I'm thinking maybe they thought we were trying to get them mad or something," Munoz said.

Police are still investigating the shooting but don’t believe the community is at risk.

"In this particular case, it appears to be an isolated incident and it doesn’t appear to be any other public is in danger at this time," said Sacramento Police Officer Eddie Macaulay.

But regardless of the motive and who’s responsible, police point out that anyone who would open fire into a car, particularly with kids involved, is a concern to the whole community.

This is a developing story.

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