Ivanka Trump Attends Midterm Fundraiser in Fresno

FRESNO -- Less than two weeks after the June primary, President Trump's daughter Ivanka was in Fresno to attend an event raising funds to hold onto Republican seats in the House of Representatives.

Attendees described the luncheon at Harris Construction as "intimate."

"For these kinds of events, it was very intimate," attendee Michael Der Manouel Jr. said. "Just very, very relaxed."

Trump attended the luncheon with House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy as part of a fundraising effort from the Republican congressman and Vice President Mike Pence. Several House seats currently held by Republicans are up for grabs, including Jeff Denham's 10th district seat.

"The valley has always been a battleground, so I can say that the purpose of this event was to help those members of Congress defend their seats," Der Manouel said.

Attendees say Trump's work-home life balance was discussed, as was immigration.

"Immigration is an important issue and we need to solve the problem. We need immigration reform. We need to be able to bring in people into our country that are hardworking and want to contribute but we need to find a way to prevent people that are dangerous and want to hurt our country. We got to keep them out," attendee William Bourdeau said. "So it’s complicated, it’s a difficult subject but it’s an important one."

A handful of protesters gathered outside the luncheon. Aside from a heated exchange between a Trump supporter and a protester, things stayed calm.