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$13,000 Worth of Equipment Stolen from San Joaquin County YMCA

STOCKTON -- Thieves smashed open a window at the YMCA of San Joaquin County on Father's Day around 5:15 a.m. and got inside.

What happened during the 18 minutes their truck was parked in the parking lot devastated the organization.

"Sad thinking that someone would steal from a charity that's here to serve the community, serve kids," said Rebecca Glissman.

The YMCA says the thieves got away with nearly $13,000 worth of laptops, cell phones, a TV, monitors and even YMCA sweatshirts.

"It looks like they just went office to office," Glissman said.

Much of it was donated or paid for through grants or the community and used for YMCA programs.

"They're essentially stealing from the community and from their own friends and family," Glissman said.

The organization that helps so many in San Joaquin County now needs your help to find the people who loaded up a green Chevrolet truck with the YMCA's equipment.

The Stockton Police Department dusted the building for fingerprints Wednesday to try to track down who was responsible.

"When you hear of a burglary happening at a nonprofit organization like that, that touches a lot of people in our community and the community will do the right thing," said Stockton Police Officer Joe Silva.