Owners of Folsom Pool Supply Store Bent on Catching Burglary Suspects

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FOLSOM -- It wasn’t a huge loss as far as burglaries go but an area businesswoman says she’s determined to catch the thieves who broke into her pool supply store and hopes to use video evidence to do it.

Wendy Belt and her husband are longtime owners of Mahalo Pool and Spa Supply as well as the track store next door.  She was surprised to get a call about a break-in late Monday night at her Greenback Lane location.

"I could tell right away that it was a smash-and-grab," Belt said.

That was confirmed by her security camera what appears to be a young man use a rock to smash through the front door and head straight to the electronic cash register.

"They never even went around the corner, they never looked for anything else," Belt said.

The stolen register was a bigger loss than the change in it. But like many crime victims, she felt violated.

"Nineteen years I’ve been here. This is my home, somebody that would do something like that, especially as much as we give back to the community, and for somebody to do that is sad," Belt said.

But Belt is fighting back. Seventeen minutes before the break-in, two suspicious characters walked past the front door. One looks like the same person who got out of the passenger side of the getaway car.

On the Crime Watch Facebook page, viewers pasted together the rest of the car and identified key details.

"Close to a 1999 BMW 3 Series, four-door with the five-spoke wheels," Belt said.

She’s also looking at neighboring businesses cameras. She’s cooperating with Folsom police and spreading the word, not only for justice but to help future victims and the young crooks themselves.

"Maybe they’re starting this life of crime and we put a stop to it," Belt said. "I will find them and we will Facebook it to death. So yeah, we’ll do our best, that’s for sure."

Of course, any additional clues people might have should go to the Folsom Police Department.

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