Sacramento Sutter Medical Center Hosts Bring Your Child to Work Day

DOWNTOWN SACRAMENTO -- The staff at Sutter Medical Center in downtown Sacramento set up about 20 interactive booths in their lobby Wednesday morning to teach their children about what they do for work.

"Obviously we have surgeries and so there are different booths, various booths here that show what instruments that they may use during surgeries," said Sutter Medical Center Human Resources Manager Judy Lesh.

The hospital was decked out in pirate decorations because they just declared themselves a flagship hospital.

Each booth represented a different department in the hospital

"We have labor and delivery. They have a little mechanical baby," Lesh said.

The kids got hands-on opportunities to learn what their parents do here at Sutter Medical Center -- so hands-on they could even hold a cow’s heart. But that wasn’t the only organ on display, they could also check out some moving pigs' lungs.

They also tried on some of the scrubs their parents wear every day.

"I’m wearing a head net and I’m wearing goggles to make sure that you don’t get sick from your patient and to make sure your patient doesn’t get even more sick," said Charlotte Padilla, the daughter of a Sutter nurse.

They learned important medical skills, like how to pack a wound and perform CPR.

"CPR is a lot of work. It doesn’t seem so hard, but it really is hard," said Lucas Christ, an employee's son.

Some of the kids walked away inspired to follow in their parents' footsteps.

"It really helps them develop that interest in working for a hospital," Lesh said.

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