Summertime Safety: Kids Nationwide Participate in ‘World’s Largest Swimming Lesson’

ELK GROVE -- Dozens of Elk Grove swim students are among what’s expected to be tens of thousands nationwide taking part in what’s known as the “World’s Largest Swimming Lesson."

It's all to get across a simple message -- "swimming lessons save lives," said Lauren Noonan of Cosumnes CSD.

There are the regular morning classes at Cosumnes CSD’s Wackford Aquatic Complex.

There is a lot of fun involved but the instructors know their students are learning more than just a recreational skill.

"You are constantly surrounded by water with friends and going to the pool, I just think that it’s a survival skill that needs to be taught," said instructor Brianna Sipes.

"We know that the second leading cause of death for children under 14 is drowning," Noonan said. "It often happens in un-lifeguarded areas, like private pools, but it can happen in any water."

Thanks to the lessons, many kids are well aware of the golden rule of water safety.

"You need a life jacket if you go in the deep water or else you might drown," said Kaleb Kassa.

For more information on classes offered at the Wackford Aquatic Complex visit their site.

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