Dixon Family Goes All Out for World Cup Watch Party

DIXON -- Brazil took on Costa Rica and one Dixon family held a watch party like no other on Friday morning.

When you step inside the Ferreira household, you know exactly who they were rooting for. Brazilian food like pao de queijo (cheese bread) is set out and the chants are loud -- especially for 5 a.m.

"Go to sleep early, or don't sleep at all," Brazil fan Agenor Ferreira said. "Stay for the game."

Agenor is originally from Sao Paolo, and was excited to see his team take on Costa Rica at any hour. His wife JJ had different feelings about the early start time.

"I was not excited about 5 a.m. but he said he it was what he wanted for Father's Day," she said.

So Agenor got what he wanted. The living room was decorated with flags and pictures and, of course, his most prized possession.

"My trophy, my reward was my ball signed by the king of soccer Pele," Agenor said.

His 3-year-old son Aslan thought the game would be a blowout, but it ended up being a tough one for Brazil. The Ferreira family was on the edge of their seats for much of the match -- a nerve-wracking 90 minutes.

In the end, Brazil won. It may not have been a blowout, but a win is a win.

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