Family Wants Changes Made to Latrobe Road After 6-Year-Old Dies in Car Accident

EL DORADO COUNTY -- How do you explain to a 4-year-old that her 6-year-old aunt has died? You try your best to keep it simple; because, why little Arianna Jones was taken so soon is hard to understand.

“Losing Ari shredded us, it wrecked us,” stated Regina Schowengerdt, Arianna’s aunt.

The 6-year-old died one week ago when the CHP says the car her dad was driving flipped into a ditch on Latrobe Road in El Dorado County. Her dad survived.

“Freak accident that he did nothing wrong at all, you just catch the edge of a road wrong,” said Schowengerdt.

Her aunt Regina was beaming in her Jackson living room remembering what a special girl Arianna was.

“She had the heart for the world. She donated her hair for Wigs for Kids; she wanted kids with cancer to have her hair,” said Schowengerdt.

At such a young age, Arianna had so many goals. She made a bucket list for a school project. Sadly, she would only check one off before she died.

“We hadn't had the chance to have breakfast with a squirrel, those were all things that were on everyone's agenda with her,” Schowengerdt said.

Completing the bucket list is one way to honor her memory. Another is by appreciating the time they had with her, even if it was short.

“She would say ‘have fun, live life, be happy because I lived',” said Schowengerdt.

Arianna's family wants changes to Latrobe Road. They say they know others who have been involved in fatal accidents on that road and want improvements to be made so this doesn't happen again.

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