Hot Weather and Fireworks Can Cause Dangerous Conditions

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SACRAMENTO -- Triple digit heat brings worries of fires sparking throughout the region.

Metro Fire says the cause of Thursday's vegetation fire at Bradshaw Road near Calvine Road was illegal fireworks. With a Red Flag Warning in effect for the weekend, they are gearing up for the possibility there could be more.

Triple-digit temperatures, low humidity and some wind, the perfect recipe for a Red Flag Warning or, in basic terms, the perfect conditions for fire to cause havoc and for firefighters to be on high alert.

“It means the fires are going to move a lot faster. So when we have Red Flag conditions, we up staff all of our grass fire responses so that there is additional equipment with us, so we can try and stop the fire as quickly as possible before it gets out of control,” said Sacramento Metropolitan Fire Cpt. Brian Gonsalves.

Those conditions do not mix well with fireworks.

“It’s a life and property hazard. Those kinds of fireworks do a lot of damage every year, even though we warn people every year. So, there is a level of frustration on our side in that we are trying to make sure the community is safe,” Gonsalves said.

Though Metro Fire says fireworks of any kind are not legal to use for another six days, they have additional crews ready to respond because the upcoming serious conditions present danger if fireworks are launched for pre-Fourth of July fun.

“That’s our prime key decision making time where we have to put in an even larger area where we want to stay safe. We want to keep a box, we want to keep it away from homes, we want to keep it from spreading significantly. So we are actively trying to be very aggressive and get the fire as quickly as possible,” Gonsalves said.

Sacramento police and fire held "Firework Amnesty Day" Friday, where people dropped off fireworks, no questions asked, until 7 p.m. at the station.

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