Mimi’s Cafe in Stockton Closed Suddenly Without Giving Notice to Employees

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STOCKTON -- Employees of the Mimi’s Cafe in Stockton are looking for work after the restaurant closed down Friday, with many of them saying they didn’t know it was going to happen. Some of the employees spoke about what they will miss about the restaurant as well as the restaurant’s reasoning for the closure.

The sign in the parking lot of Mimi’s Cafe on Pacific Avenue was the first time dozens found out the restaurant is closed for good.

“All around, we’re a family here at Mimi’s Cafe. These people will never change for me,” said Latrisha Law, an eight-year server.

Latrisha law, who had been with the restaurant since it opened, and other former servers gathered Saturday to reflect on the sudden closure of the restaurant, a shutdown they didn’t know was coming until yesterday.

“I actually worked the night before. We actually closed, and my boss still wouldn’t tell me…”

 “They didn’t even individually call all of us. They kind of called a few of us to let people know be here at 9 to pick up your last check,” said Breanna Casilla, a four-year server as she added to Law’s last comment.

The employees say they have been paid out until Tuesday and said they aren’t upset with the restaurant’s corporate office, but more so the state law that allows businesses to not have to give advance notice to employees.

“What happens to us that have children. It’s irritating, because it’s not morally right and it’s not fair to us because now we have to figure out what to do for tomorrow,” said Law.

Mimi’s Cafe’s corporate office sent FOX40 two statements saying in part:

“As we access where we are best positioned for long-term success, we made the difficult decision to close this location.” They also added “for various reasons restaurants often have a short window of notification when they close a location.”

Before adding that they offered every employee the opportunity to transfer and thanked guests and employees for the great memories at the location. It’s memories that Law and others will take away as they begin to move forward

We’ve had people who come in every day, sometimes twice a day. Those people we knew by name, we knew their life, they knew our life. They were like part of our family,” said Casillas.

Law added, “I had people walking in as our sign, as people were getting their last checks, our regulars. They come up to us, they are crying and we’re crying you know…this is a family to us. That’s what it all boils down to.”

 With the closure, the closest locations for the restaurant from Stockton are Modesto and Elk Grove.


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