Family Takes to Social Media to Find, Thank Good Samaritans who Helped Them After Crash

STOCKTON -- A Stockton family is thankful for the quick response of good Samaritans after they hit another car head on Friday.

It was a 25th birthday Kayla Erdman-Wenger will never forget because it’s a day she says she nearly lost her life.

“All I remember is a good Samaritan was grabbing my face and she was saying, 'It's OK, it’s OK, you’re going to be OK, sweetheart,'" Erdman-Wenger said.

Erdman-Wenger was driving her husband, Jacob Wenger, and their 7-month-old son, Jacob Noah, to their grandmother’s house around 5 p.m. Friday, when they collided with a car full of teens they say didn’t stop at the stop sign on Sonora Street near Airport Way.

“I remember I was on my phone and I looked right up and I seen a car. And all of a sudden, just bam, just straight up hit it really hard,” Wenger said.

As Wenger rushed to little Jacob Noah, who still has a small bump on his head, they say good Samaritans pulled Erdman-Wenger out of the car and dragged her to the bus stop nearby. There they wrapped her arm as it bled profusely from glass shards. Erdman-Wenger says it kept her from bleeding out.

“I was really scared," Wenger said. "I really didn’t know if she was going to live. It was really traumatic for me."

"I know some people may not be spiritual, but I definitely am, and I think we had not one, not two, but definitely three, five, 10 angels, including the people around here, watching over us," Erdman-Wenger said.

Erdman-Wenger took to Facebook Saturday to find out who those angels were and after dozens of comments flooded the post, she was able to connect with the good Samaritans. FOX40 reached out to the women who helped Erdman-Wenger, but they were out of town.

The family wants the community they grew up in to know there are angels living among them.

“The 209 Stockton angels that were alive that were helping me on the street, I can’t thank you guys enough for being here,” said Erdman-Wenger, referring to Stockton’s area code. "I'm alive today because of you guys helping me."

They are also thankful for the angel they say was inside the car as they made their way to grandma’s house.

“Our grandfather passed away about eight years ago and I honestly think our papa Sal was with us and riding in the car watching over us that day,” Erdman-Wenger said.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page and needs help covering medical costs, repairs to their car and a new car seat.

Stockton police say the investigation into the crash is ongoing and when more information becomes available, FOX40 will update this story.

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