Modesto Customers Say ‘Keep Jayden’s Journey Open’

MODESTO -- A Modesto shop that has gained worldwide acclaim for their use of cannabidiol and other products is facing an uncertain fate.

"At first, I was kind of like in shock and disbelief of it happening. I was like, 'They can’t close it down,'" said Sorya Ross.

Ross travels from Elk Grove several times a year to the place made famous for its Jayden’s Juice oil, which has helped hundreds of people with various ailments.

Jayden’s Journey is set to close Saturday after not passing through Stanislaus County’s application process for marijuana permitting.

"It’s been really hard for us, especially emotionally, because we have so many good memories here. You know, people coming in here saying, 'My kid walked, my kid talked, my kid didn’t have a seizure for a week, a month, nine months,'" said CEO Jason David. "We’ve made a lot of miracles. They used to call us 'Modesto Miracle' and for us to be shutting down, it’s really heartbreaking."

Jayden’s Journey will be one of seven appeals heard by Stanislaus County on Friday, as the county comes closer to completing what they say is phase three of a five-phase process that will leave the county with 61 permits and seven marijuana retailers.

Jayden’s Journey has a location in Ceres that will remain open, but visitors to the Modesto site say the closure will hurt them.

"I don’t drive very often, I have to rely on other people," said Karen Skelly. "So if I run out and I don’t have a ride to go clear to Ceres, then I’m out."

Larry Byrd visits Jayden’s Journey to treat glaucoma.

"Inconvenience and it’s upsetting because I don’t understand why they are giving these people a hard time," Byrd said.

The store hopes the closure will be temporary. For visitors like Jasmine Holder, whose teenage son has Asperger’s syndrome and obsessive-compulsive disorder and has benefitted greatly from products at Jayden’s Journey over the past year, it’s a place she desperately wants to see stay open for her son.

"I have a little kid that I’ve never seen before. It makes me emotional," Holder said, crying. "This is the first summer that my kid has had friends. The last two weekends he’s spent the night at a kid’s house and that’s never happened."

Seven-year-old William, who was one of the first to use Jayden’s Juice to treat seizures, sums up all the visitors' feelings when he said, "Keep Jayden's Journey open."

The appeal hearing is not open to the public and the county said a clearer picture of permitting will be available at the end of July.

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