Police Release Surveillance Footage of Moments Leading Up to Brandon Smith’s Death

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SACRAMENTO — Police have released four videos taken from surveillance cameras that show the moments leading up to Brandon Smith’s in-custody death.

Smith died June 6 after he was dropped off at the Volunteers of American detoxification clinic on 5th Street.

In one video, captured by a camera stationed outside of the clinic, Smith is seen being escorted to a patrol wagon by an officer and two parole agents as they take him into custody. His family argues additional footage from a body camera revealed Smith being pushed into the back of the wagon, perhaps even hitting his head.

As parole agents with the California Department of Corrections pulled Smith up from the clinic floor, he could be heard in a video saying, “I feel like I’m having a heart attack, oh my God.”

On the way to the jail, Smith became unresponsive.

Another video from outside of the Sacramento County Jail includes the roughly eight minutes that emergency personnel tried to resuscitate Smith before he was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Click here to see the videos from the Sacramento Police Department in their entirety. Viewer discretion is advised.

The results from the 30-year-old’s autopsy revealed a “baggie” in his stomach. It stated Smith died from methamphetamine intoxication.

“Why wasn’t medical attention… why weren’t medical services provided right then and there?” said Justin Ward, the attorney representing Smith’s family. “It was at a detox center. They have to have medical staff there.”

Community activists have joined the family in demanding further answers regarding Smith’s death.

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