Memorial Bench, Flags Stolen From San Andreas Veterans Post

SAN ANDREAS -- Repeated thefts at a veterans post in San Andreas have been frustrating volunteers.

It’s the red, white and blue painted Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2600 building that reminds San Andreas families that veterans served this country and its community.

But one key piece is missing.

"I really didn’t have any ideas of who may have taken it," said Cmdr. Wes Farnham with the Veterans of Foreign Wars. "I was more concerned why they took it.”

A bench dedicated to the late veteran David Montgomery has sat in front of the post for at least four years.

Father and daughter Wes and Kimberly Farnham help lead the organization. They say the bench was stolen around June 11.

"It was just an important bench. I mean, the gentleman lost his life. He had a stroke while sitting on that bench," Kimberly Farnham said.

The bench honored Montgomery and the military men and women who fought for freedom.

"And then they turn around and do something like that against the veterans, it just not right," Wes Farnham said.

Organizers say their disappointment did not stop at the theft.

"Oh my gosh! They actually stole our flags. It’s like, how could they do that?" Kimberly Farnham said.

Less than a week later, the American and prisoners of war flags were gone, as well as some recyclables.

So affected by the thefts, organizers posted their grief on their Facebook page. One of the managers at the Lowe's in Lodi saw it and decided to make things right.

"That was remarkable. We were really shocked to have somebody from somewhere else, another town, want to support us," Kimberly Farnham said.

The company will donate a new bench to the VFW.

A spokeswoman with the sheriff’s department says they are following up on a lead that the stolen bench was possibly found.

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