Local Dispensaries Work to Sell Cannabis Products Before New State Regulations Take Effect

SACRAMENTO -- A dispensary in Midtown Sacramento was busy all day Friday because they held a clearance sale to get rid of products before new state regulations take effect on Sunday.

"We're very busy," said Kimberly Cargile, executive director at A Therapeutic Alternative. "About sixty percent of our inventory is on sale."

Products that don't meet new testing, packaging and labeling requirements by July 1 have to be destroyed and thrown away.

Merlyn, a longtime dispensary customer, is one of hundreds who came for the deals. He also supports the increased regulation.

"It will probably make the products more expensive but it's a positive thing because it's gonna make the products safer," Merlyn explained.

But after the discounts are gone, Cargile says there could be a shortage of legal marijuana.

"I do anticipate a shortage after July 1 while we're waiting for companies to finalize their licensing and packaging," Cargile explained.

The dispensary says this is the busiest day they've had since January 1 when recreational marijuana became legal in California.