California Classic Kicks Off at Golden 1 Center

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SACRAMENTO -- Marvin Bagley III, De'Aaron Fox and Harry Giles -- they are the young players the Kings hope will carry them into a new era and for the first time they all took the floor of the Golden 1 Center Monday night.

Plagued with injury since he was a top high school prospect, the Kings picked up Giles last year and kept him in their back pocket until Monday night. He’s finally ready to play.

It is in the Summer League lab that he’ll be looking to create a little chemistry with the number two overall draft pick and newest King Marvin Bagley III.

Still, if history was being made on the court Monday night, minds were being blown off in the madness of NBA free agency.

Diehard Kings fans figure by the time their young core is ready to challenge the best teams, LeBron James will be in the sunset of his tenure with his new team, the Los Angeles Lakers. So they’re not too worried about having him in the Western Conference.

"I finally have an excuse not to like him. So, I’ve been looking for one for a while now," said Kings fan Chris Wood.

But then the other shoe dropped -- the Boogie shoe.

No doubt DeMarcus Cousins’ time as the Kings star player was fun but fraught. News that he’s now a member of the dominant Golden State Warriors as they try to extend their dynasty to four NBA Championships has lots of Kings fans conflicted.

"I mean, I was OK with the trade of DeMarcus because I know it was his time to go," said Kings fan Albert Fong. "But now that he’s with the Warriors, I don’t know how I feel about the Warriors trade, man."

Whatever else it is, Cousins to the Warriors may be the one and only thing that could have overshadowed James' move to the West Coast.

At the Golden 1 Center, however, it was all just noise to a bunch of young men who only wanted to play some ball. The Kings beat the Lakers, 98-93.

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