Yuba City Family Fearful to Return Home After Another Car Crashes Into It

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YUBA CITY -- The owner of a Yuba City house is wary about moving back into her home after a car crashed into it -- for the fourth time.

Who could blame Jatinder Kauer for wanting to stay away from her home at the intersection of Harding Road and Cherry Street?

Last week a suspected drunken driver rammed into her kitchen. The car virtually disappeared into the house.

Kauer and her family weren’t in it because it was being worked on. Instead, they were living in a rental house after a pickup truck crashed into their home six months prior.

"It was scary. It was like 2:30 at night, we were sleeping. The car came in and I knew that's what happened because we had that before," Kauer said.

Five years earlier her father-in-law was almost killed when another car crashed into the house.

After the first of the collisions, a warning fence was put up but it wasn’t meant to be a barrier. Kauer said she had to install the metal posts at her own expense but in the last accident they didn’t do much good.

"The last thing we want to see is anyone injured," said Yuba City spokesperson Darrin Gale.

After the last accident, the city quickly put in rumble strips, a flashing warning sign, an oversized stop sign and reflectors on the warning fence, as well as concrete barriers.

Kauer says she’d be more comfortable with better lighting in the intersection, a permanent wall or large trees that could be planted. The city is open to more suggestions but the solution rests with careless or drunken drivers.

"There’s no one single guarantee other than following the traffic rules," Gale said.

Kauer was due to move back into her house within a week of the last accident. Right now, she and her kids don’t feel safe.

"I like the house, I really like it, I’m just scared to live there with the kids," Kauer said. "But now I'm thinking I shouldn't go back."

Residents in the neighborhood are almost as upset as Kauer, saying people simply drive too fast down their streets.

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